"I hired Aaron in April 2016 to proofread my novel, Waterfall Traveler. I am continually impressed with his level of expertise and the dedication he applies to his work. I feel confident that when I release my novel, it will be error free due to Aaron's thorough review. Though I hired him for a proofread, he has also taken the time to provide feedback for improving my story. He truly cares about the level of service he provides, as well as the success of those he works with.

Above all, Aaron is dependable. I cannot stress enough how important this is when choosing an editor. Aaron has always delivered on time, never sacrificing the quality of his work. I highly recommend him, and look forward to working with him on future projects."

- S.J. Lem, Author, Waterfall Traveler Series


“Aaron provided considerable value when I recently hired him to help edit a professional paper. His insights and suggestions into both the form and substance of the paper helped elevate and improve it immeasurably. I found his prices very reasonable and his turn around time very quick. I also appreciated his flexibility in engaging in a back-and-forth process to refine the final product until I was satisfied. I would recommend Aaron's services highly.”

-AR, Lawyer

"Aaron has been editing my work for the past four years. His combination of efficiency and effectiveness never ceases to impress me. Quick yet thorough, Aaron provides professional quality editing services at a very reasonable price. Most importantly, for me, Aaron is a kind person who is easy to relate to. I look forward to working with him for many years to come."

                  - Rabbi Ariel Goldberg, Chaplain


"Very quick turnaround, and great attention to detail. He articulated his ideas clearly and communication was fast. Excellent overall experience. "

-Michael, Graduate Student

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Aaron, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to our team. He is creative, well writ, honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive researcher and writer who has a knack to engage his audience through his work. His knowledge of literature and expertise in writing was a huge advantage to our entire office and our clients.”

-Steve Martel, CEO of NoHype Digital

"The following is a recommendation of Aaron Kaiserman in his capacity as an editor and consultant on my literary work, including the novel I have written. In order for the reader to understand my background as someone who can evaluate the work of an editor and literary consultant, I would like briefly to mention my professional background. I am a full professor in the sciences and have spent thirty-five years in academia, during which time I have written recommendations and evaluations, both favorable and less favorable, for literally hundreds of students, physicians and other professors. I have fifty publications in peer review science and medical journals, and I was a reviewer for twenty years and an editor and departmental editor of a peer review science journal for eight years. I judge myself a fair evaluator, neither easy nor overly difficult. 

I have written a novel, and I am endeavoring to make sure that this novel is the best it can be in an effort to make it readable, publishable and (if possible) worthy of merit and recognition. As a result, I have been making an effort to find a suitable editor and reviewer of my work, who has both technical skills in grammar, spelling and literary writing mechanics and the ability to analyze characters, plot and themes in written work. I was very hard to please; it is difficult to trust others when writing a book. However, after entering a novel contest, I had the good fortune to be judged by Aaron Kaiserman. 

Aaron had deep insights into a vast array of points that are important in writing literary work, including pacing, tone, narrator, character development, plot, and novel structure in addition to the mechanics of writing. He has seen into the hearts, intellects and problems of my characters and has suggested scenes and interactions among the characters in specific ways, which I knew immediately would make my novel stronger.  He has been able to suggest plot twists (even small instances) where I could improve the drama in my book, which I know have made it better. Honestly, the way he explained things and the criticisms (constructive and positive, never negative) that he offered were so spot on and helpful, I was truly amazed and also absolutely grateful for his intelligence, insight and knowledge. He was able to analyze the motivations of my characters, the impact of dramatic events and outcomes on the reading audience, etc.

In summary, I would say that Aaron is a gifted critic and reviewer of literary work. He sees things deeply and has an understanding of written work that is rare and goes well beyond the reflexive and standard commentary of many in the industry. He thinks out of the box for solutions, not relying on cookie-cutter answers to complex and unusual problems that authors face while writing. Of course, I recommend him in the most superlative of terms as an outstanding resource, editor, critic and reviewer.

Respectfully submitted,

                        - Jeff Schnader, MD, CM, FCCP, Professor of Medicine"